re*be® Skin

Dr. Kolegraff, a general surgeon with specific interests in cosmetic and skin issues offers some basic skin services including biopsies total body skin survey and mole excisions.

The facilities at re*be® are state of the art and we have many procedures that are not advertised or listed yet on our website. If you have skin issues or a mole or spot you are concerned about please contact us. If we do not treat your problem we will be sure to get you to the right person or clinic. re*be® is rapidly becoming much more than just a laser skin clinic and are hoping to offer even more expanded dermatologic services for our area.

photo of skin cross section showing the skin appendages and sensory receptors.

Diagram of the skin in some detail

This is a diagram of the skin from the side showing the appendages and the sensory organs. When the skin is cut at the time of surgery the nerve endings will grow back less than perfect and it is the 'rewiring' often incorrectly of the sensory receptors that causes the odd sensations around a scar.

Skin Self Examination

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Use Sunscreen

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